Neomodernizm in architecture

Neomodernizm in architecture was created at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first century. Its birth date is usually around 1965. It is one of the styles in architecture, which refers to modernism (its details and spatial forms), while rejecting its socio-political and urban ideas.

Buildings, created in this style, usually have only neomodernist facade. This is a sharp contrast to the modernist principle of the treatment of the building as a whole.

Neomodernizm is a respond to the splendor of eclectic postmodernism and the protest against populism in architecture. Neomodernizm uses simplicity that is a mean of expression for the present time. At the same time it often resorts to the spectacular and impressive, and thus-artificial solutions. These include various types of light illuminations or large wall space glazing. Neomodernist buildings are constructed according to the principles of additive or substractive. Their solids are based on cubic elements or rotating forms. Neomodernizm is often used in the construction of flats, primarily because of its minimal extravagance compared with other styles of architecture.

The so-called “new rigor" is treated as a one of neomodernist direction. It is based on creating the building on a constructional principle basing on the functional system. Attractive aspects of such a facility are especially emphasized. Buildings in "new rigor" style are designed to have a very modern feel. Deconstructionism may also be called neomodernism, in its broader sense.

Representatives of neomodernism are: Rem Koolhaas, Richard Meier, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, Ingenhoven, Overdiek und Partner, MVRDV, Jong Soung Kimm, Mathias Klotz.

Examples of neomodernist architecture are among others” building of the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, Birchmeier Kaufmann Architekten-multi-family house in the Zurich, office building in Nijmegen (Netherlands), Burgo Tower in Porto (Portugal), Heyri Art Valley in South Korea, Jianwai SOHO in Beijing (China), buildings in the Eco Park in Warsaw.

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